Antonin Appaix
Cracki Records
Marseille, France

The project of Antonin Appaix, draws its inspiration in the troughs of the waves, under the Latin sun. Passionate about fishing and diving, cradled in the Mediterranean culture, the aquatic world has always been an integral part of his life.

It is also randomly in a cove in Marseille, that Antonin Appaix and Cracki Records met for the first time.

At the cinema school and then at the Beaux-Arts in Lyon, Cergy and Mexico, Antonin tries to find himself in photography, video, poetry and plays rock music.

Graduated in 2016, he converts his research of arts and literary into a minimalist and romantic pop universe. For his first title “Your Skin Against My Skin”, composed between Paris and Marseille, he invites us to join him under water, where he feels the best.

Invoking both Souchon and Retro X, Lucio Battisti or Brigitte Fontaine, Antonin surrounds us of his aqueous and urban charm.


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