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Born in Douala, Cameroon, Tatyana Jane grew up there until the age of 11 before moving to the south of France. It was here that she began to cultivate her passion for electronic music and explore her cultural roots through the diverse sounds of West Africa. A multidisciplinary artist, she engages in various projects, primarily excelling in music production and DJing, while constantly seeking to broaden her horizons through collaborations.

In addition to her musical career, Tatyana Jane has established significant collaborations, as evidenced by her work on two EPs. She has gained recognition from the international DJ community, performing this year at Panorama Bar in a back-to-back set with Skrillex. She was also invited on the tour of producer and DJ Skin on Skin. In her pursuit to establish herself as a producer, she achieved her first Boiler Room session featuring 99% of her own productions.

Tatyana Jane’s music draws from her cultural heritage while embracing modern genres like bass, techno, EDM, and dubstep. This bold fusion of tradition and innovation is reflected in her compositions, where she infuses deep nuances to create a captivating sonic experience that transcends genre boundaries.

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