Cracki Records
Paris, France

Frédéric Destres is a young professor in the department of Occult Sciences of La Sorbonne in Paris and under the alias Renart he produces bodies of work inspired by a series of eerie tales. His world is divided between medieval tales and futuristic machinery and on his debut album ‘Fragments Séquencé’ he invites us to dive into a synthetic journey interwoven with folklore.

Each track is a mystical episode and both ‘Prise du Pouvoir & Terreur sur la Ville’ tells the tale of a cruel tyrant Singifus Pontifex, a half man, half monkey who conquers a huge Exoplanet. Renart weaves melodic and melancholic atmospheres throughout with influences, which nod to the repetitive nature of 70’s psychedelic rock and modern techno.

On ‘Cyber Moisneaux’ the professor used various archaeological sources as inspiration and on ‘Le Cult de Noire Vouivre’ a brooding number is the reinterpretation of noise fragments from Kepler-22b.

The powerful nagging rhythms act to sharpen the senses on these extraordinary journeys he’s reinvented and resurrected. Such sounds nod to the greats like Surgeon and Jeff Mills in their most spaced out mindsets.

Having previously released on the French labels Dawn Records, Fragrant Harbour, Cracki Records and Versatile Renart has built a loyal fan base for his production and live shows.

“Through this album I wanted to transcribe a feeling that is difficult for me to verbalize – a strange nostalgia of old stories. I’ve always wanted to make music which mixes the future with the past, a kind of medieval electronics”

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